​Analogue Living

Analogue Life.

Lomography, an analogue photography style. Which basically means you shoot rolls of film with classic & old camera's. Nostalgic and especially fun people love it.

Why analogue you might ask? Well it feels just so much more real to me. The 'without rules style' of photography makes it that more interesting. You get soaked in creativity and amazing colour shifts. You don't have to think, just shoot!

It's a long way of telling you, I am a Official Lomo Blogger as if right now! (not actually right now kind.. depends when you're reading it.. never mind!) 

To some there lies perfection in imperfection and to those I would say check it out! There might be a new addiction in town.


Here's a link to my Lomo Blog where you can read about experiences and all kind of nifty tricks, Click it Hard! 

P.S here's a link for digital photographers. You like it don't yah!