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Slavery gets shit done

Well I've got a lot going on recently and in reaction to that I respond quite the opposite of normal human beings. Yes, I get kind of lazy! See, I work real hard when I have goal that I'm passionate about. Craving to get that one big oppertunity or breakthrough, and when I finally tend to get there my mind hollers with a deep afro american cinema voice - DONE!

I then litterally turn my back and the priority of napping grabs first place again. It's not the weirdest phenomenon, but still. So if you're in this pickle too, high five the shit out of someone's ear next to you! because I have found a solution! *warning if you think this last joke is not funny in ANY possible way you are better off just stopping right here, or here,

I do not have a shiny docter's degree but I will give you the same advice. Wheter you're turning blind because tasks are pilling up at your desk or your rasta attitude is getting the the best of you, Get (a) Carrot

It's a application that preforms the role of this Absurd football coach screaming casual questions guided with some serious spit. Refreshing as it is, you need it on your phone to do some actual work with style.