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'Weapons for life'

What is it?

The beginning of this year started creative for people of Uruguay. Their government decided to solve problems with an out of the box mentality.  In order to reduce the number of unregistered firearms, they created 'Weapons for life'.  Citizens can trade their weapons for a shiny* new bike or low end computer.   


Why it’s Cool!

There two ways of interpretation. Let's start out positively; If you look at it from a normal citizen point of view it's a win-win situation. Reducing gun crime while improving their lives with stuff they could actually use to get by and become more informed or educated. But realistically seen, guns are power and power means money, money is necessary for food etc. If you look at the famous piramid of Maslow you see people need basic physical and safety needs first before they are going to look for bike mates or work on their self-actualisation.      


Future growth potential 

There are always two sides to a story although I doubt that Maslow's psychology has changed in the past decade. For a government it is a new edgy way of dealing with their problems and therefore I do wonder about the outcome of this project. Because 'Change is the only constant' and might this project succeed it would be astonishingly interesting to take a closer look at it. It would change ways of solving problems among people and bring life to a new form of dealing with old issue's, the creative way.

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