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Music inspiration from your subconsciousness

What is it?

In the video you see ‘Mico’.(1) A headphone that picks up brainwaves and defines your mood, and then picks suitable music. Music is selected out of ‘Mico’s’ database and the status of your mood will be visible at both sides of the headphone. They call this new experience ‘Music serendipty’; music that is based on your subconscious needs. 

Why it’s Cool!

So the time has come that we surpass the french who point their phones to the sky and hope to find a nice playlist.(2) Technology instead is finding it’s way to pick the right music for us so that we feel better and enjoy our lives more. This device makes music efficient and easier to use in our daily lives.

The only con is that the music comes from their own database and since music is very personal, the brain waves have to be picked up very precisely, to give you this ‘aaah!‘ feeling of hearing just the right song. But then again it could be great for discovering new music and could be a hybrid between those to work just perfectly.

Future growth potential

Music is emotion and that's an important part of human beings. We keep evolving and so does music, but not just the music itself also the way we consume it. Internet changed a lot in the music business and if you’re blessed with a wifi connection you can pretty much listen to whatever you want. Getting music is not the key anymore, it’s about the right music at the right time and this is determined by our mood. It’s scientifically proven that music has an impact on focus, physical power, pain and depression.(3) There are for example websites that supply study music and claim that music will increase your learning ability.(4) A similar concept for people who suffer from a depression.(5) The basic function of music is changing and boosted to a whole new level where health benefits are included.

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