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Airmob - Sharing internet data plans

+ What is it?

Ever run out of 3g data on your beloved smartphone? Just at the moment you wanted to listen to your favourite song, see that funny video or wanted to mail that client. We are so used to internet access that if we get cut off, we tend to get mad and feel pretty frustrated.

The solution is here, hold on to your seat; a community-based P2P cross-operator WiFi tethering on-demand market, this all comes toghether in an application for your phone called ‘Airmobs’. It provides internet in your time of need. It operates within a community that works with a credit system.

It’s still in development by the MIT media research group ‘Viral Spaces’. Here’s a link to the video  

Why it’s Cool!

So imagine being at home just laying your phone on the table and ‘Airmobs‘ is running in the background sharing your internet while gaining credits. You are blessed with an apartment right in the middle of the city and you decide to go to bed early. In the middle of the night there’s this drunk student who had a good time with his friends and is in need for some extra internet, for example; finding his way home, looking for a place that still sells food or wanting to listen to some music while wandering home. 


Usually at this point you decide to pay extra on your monthly fee but with ‘Airmobs‘ this isn’t necesarry because you can provide people the wifi they need and get it back in return. It could work when you’re on vacation or on holiday and as long as you provide others, you always have ‘Back-up internet‘.

They’re also planning to make it work with left over minutes and text messages. I think it’s cool because the credit system alone looks very promising and this ‘sharing spirit’ fits right in with today’s society. It could de-commercialize the whole network industry  who are then forced to provide differently.   

+ Future growth potential

Whether it could be the next big peer to peer hit like ‘Napster‘ or ‘Piratebay’ I’m not certain. But it will cause a lot of change in the telecom world if this catches on by society and all of it’s smartphone users. Basic physical needs of people will always stay the same but ‘wants‘ on the other hand are drastically changing. Soon there will be a generation who's not used to being un-connected to the internet. How will they react? Or are there methods like ‘Arimobs’ who will make sure they stay provided in their thirst for the internet and being connected.  

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