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Think 'Beyond Eggs'

+ What is it? 

‘Beyond eggs’ by hampton creek foods brings an alternative for eggs. Well it’s actually a plant that can be produced into a sort of flower. The consumer and food industry can use ‘Beyond eggs’ instead of chicken eggs.    

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The advantages vary from from less cholesterol and water usage to humane breeding conditions. There is also a wide application range like baked goods, pasta, salad dressings and even your scrambled eggs.Vegetarian proof and protein rich , two important factors that have influence of today's 'aware' shopper.

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+ Why it’s Cool!

If the product fur fills all it's claims, this product would step to the table and be number one in no time. Aside of the product itself it's important to see that innovative and creative thinking is what led them to this unique new product. When back in the days Mr.Ford asked people how he could make their horse carriage faster, almost everybody suggested more horses. A car was the solution.   

Luckily a lot companies are looking for sustainable and new ways to cover our needs. A lot of products are being re-invented out of necessity for example meat proteins because of growing world population and change in demands. In Asia we see a rise in consumption of meat and also the U.S is wondering if they can keep supplying meat and dairy products. The U.S consumers intake will rise to a respectively 102% and 82% by 2050. Plants play a big role in the solution. This is seen in sports, where plant protein supplement market is on the rise. it was first introduced because of allergy and intolerance, now they are also becoming popular among vegetarians.  

+ Future growth potential

A minor is the american style of marketing they use, it's one of the main reasons I still question the value and claims of the product. For example on the picture you see the word 'healthier' and 'safer', when did cupcakes become healthy? you might ask.

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If you have a good product, tell the truth and do not make it better that it is because can do damage to the product and erase something that was good in it's core.

Again, if all is so positive as it claims to be, it would beat an regular egg by a mile, But I think concepts like this only really succeed when society’s mindset is ready for it (this can be out of scarcity) because it has to be open for change. The product could open new doors and possibilities and I wonder what third world countries would think of this innovative product. While searching for an alternative the kept the price in mind and while I do not know what this means for the eventual quality of the product it includes important values of the consumer who wants the same or better for less money. Being cheaper than regular eggs but still keeping all the advantages it's a no-brainer for your wallet but what about the mind? are you ready to replace eggs?

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