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Good form is everything

In this era of technology everyone is spending a lot of time behind a computer, smartphone or tablet. While you are not always noticing the effects right away your body may disagree on the longterm. All these ours combined cause a lot problems like back pain. Roughly 80% of the older population has these physical concerns. A big part is developed by having a wrong posture while sitting, walking or sleeping. Designer Neda Naef from Upclothing based in Paris made a T-shirt that helps keeping your posture. 


While it not only helps keeping good form it also boosts your charisma, having your shoulders in the right position and not hanging to the front, it opens up your body which might lead to more people noticing you and eventually conversation. In a society where individualism is still a big factor this shirt can symbolize as a smal counter reaction There’s been a lot of research how posture effects communication. While this is not everybody’s goal you are sure helping out your spine. The shirt aims for a ‘Friendly effect’ for it’s wearer according to the designer, but with a price around the fortune area (€127,-) it sure is an assault to your wallet.    


Somewhere around the line everything changes and I think clothes are evolving too. You see it in sports with Nike’s Hyperstrong gear, meant for better sport performances. Clothes health and sport are becoming more attached and can really improve a persons way of living and With nanotechnology around the corner this could be a golden duo for future clothing.