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Pharrell - Happy! - Jeans? - Part.1

Pharrel Williams, known as pop artist and his tick for fashion, presents ‘RAW for the Oceans’. A collaboration between Bionic Yarn, Parley and G-Star RAW. This brings all kinds of specialties to the 'sustainable fashion' table, think for example of high performance eco threads that will represent a new yarn structure in jeans by Bionic Yarn. Guidance by the creative and engaging thinking of the movement Parley and fueled by the big fashion giant G-Star RAW with the constant drive to innovate. 

in a nutshell they will make denim out of plastic that is polluting ocean. When it was presented at the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Ocean Life Pharrell said.

"If we do what we're supposed to do then everyone can be happy."

I think a huge problem is being tackled here in a important new way. The problem at hand here is that making a pair jeans is equivalent to 9,982 liters of water, that means flushing your toilet around 950 times. Although that number is scary high people will buy new jeans anyway and will certainly not flush less then they absolutely have to. The cool thing is that Pharrell offers a better environmental and fashionable option so that people can actually chose. A freedom that's not always available with other products but hey it's a start.  

Whenever a company or campaign yells the word 'Eco' question marks appear in my head and for this specific case I wonder if they intend to collect every bit of plastic in a eco friendly way with eco friendly ships on eco friendly fuel. You get my drift how sustainable is it really form start to finish? This determines a lot in my opinion on the future outcome of this project. And if there interested in doing some real good for the oceans I know a Dutch nineteen year called Boyan Slat old who has real good innovative approach.