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Coolhunt Update January ’14

WUUPS! I kind of overslept the whole start of this year, jan and feb..Ahum* Besides that I'm working on something nice once a month. A group of motivated cool hunters come together and lay down the LAW! What that actually means we discuss all or findings, anomalies and turn it into one big juicy monthly update.

Here, yes right there, you can read january's Gem!

I picked two short interesting topics of the full article that resonate the most with my personal interests. They're about personalized learning and health. Don't hold back here yah go! 

Every 5 weeks a few students from Fontys International Lifestyle Studies come together with their Coolhunt-lecturers to brainstorm on all signs of the time. What are the signals worth analyzing and what do we learn about the developing mentalities worldwide?

Constructed by Camiel WillemsDesiree LaureijssenFleur StielsLidy Ubaghs andNathalie de Korver. Supervised and written by Ingeborg Bruinewoud.

Personalized Learning: Future Technology Prediction from IBM

Besides that learning will become more visual, whereas info graphics talk to us faster and clearer than a teacher ever could. Or books telling the stories a teacher rather wouldn’t.

Personalized Health

Technology will help us to get more personalized healthcare too in the future. We can wear our own defibrillator, or even live without a heart. Wearables will help to quantify ourselves more and more, wearing Wristify to heat or cool our body and check our SickWeather app for the sickness forecast and where to stay away. In stead of symptom treatment, we will more and more move towards addressing the cause. Where ‘upstream healthcare‘ starts with taking a critical look at the buildings we stay in.

Last but not least, one of our special lecturers Carl Rohde once said that ‘sleep is the new sex’, living in stress society with a growing need for relaxing moments. The topic sleep got a lot of attention in press lately: more people start experimenting with alternative sleeping cycles like polyphasic sleep  or monitor, map and improve the way we sleep and wake up. Maybe Russell Foster’s TEDx talk on sleeping got mainstream viral by now.

Meta-insight: we might check our rich sources everyday and try to map movements in the present towards the future. We do have to stay self-aware and critical. Are those TEDx talks and predictions we hear and read about trustworthy? Can we copy and use those insights? 

Next monthly updates will be posted right away!, Really! Promised! Don't you judge me!