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Sexy Data? SHOW ME!

Personal data, business data, Big Data, data e-ver-y-where! Captured, stored and according to a scientific rapport called Extracting value from chaos The world’s information is doubling every two years. In 2011 the world created a staggering 1.8 zettabytes. By 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of information and 75 times the number of "information containers". All these numbers could either mean nothing to you or drive you totally nuts.  

That's why there's Infoactive! It translates all this information in data driven stories. It Builds interactive infographics and data visualizations who are simple, responsive and of course ,already mentioned, interactive.

Data is everything but sexy, with the Infoactive overhaul it's appearance becomes visual, simple and compelling. When analyses become more visual they're easier to understand which will increase efficiency and speed up the information intake. It also lowers the bar of understanding complex matters and makes it easier to grasp. With more knowledge of the world under their belt people might develop intellect quicker and could make better overal choices. It will raise the quality of life standard as we know it simply by changing numbers in visuals.