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In-ear nutritionist tells diners when they’re eating too fast

There are already a slew of smart fitness trackers and daily diet log apps that help anyone keep track of what they’re eating. There are even devices such as the Prep Pad, which can detect the food placed upon it and deliver nutritional information. Currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, Bitbite is an in-ear tracker that’s able to quantify eating behaviors — down to chewing speed — and offer health recommendations.

Worn in the ear much like a wireless earbud, the small device features an array of sensors that can detect both sound and motion. When the user eats, Bitbite tracks the time of eating, how fast they’re chewing, and even they type of food they’re eating based on noises they make. Alternatively, diners can simply say the name of the food they’re eating to log it. BitBite then offers real-time audio advice to help users improve their health, such as slow down, chew more or eat less or more regularly. All of the data is also available through the BitBite app, which displays calorie intake and eating habits over time. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the device:

BitBite tracks metrics that diners don’t always take into account when trying to lose weight. Backers can pre-order BitBite from USD 119 through the Indiegogo campaign, which ends on 11 November. With the fitness tech market quickly becoming saturated, are there ways to combine all of these existing features into a single platform?