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No More Water Waste - Nike Colordry Technology

While in earlier posts the waste of water in the fashion industry came up. I came across something interesting called Colordry. In layman terms it means that in the proces of dyeing clothes no water is used. Which will result in a lot less wasted water and a dramatically decrease in the use of harmful chemicals. Nike estimated an 100-150 liters of water is needed to process one kg of textiles today. Industry analysts estimate that over 39 million tons of polyester will be dyed annually by 2015.

Executive Vice President Kuenlin Ho said:

Compared to traditional dyeing methods, the ColorDry process reduces dyeing time by 40%, energy use by around 60% and the required factory footprint by a quarter. It’s also the most saturated, intense and consistent color we’ve seen.

A Dutch start-up, DyeCoo Textile Systems B.V., invented a technology to replace water, normally used for dyeing, with recyclable CO2, reducing energy use and eliminating the need for added chemicals in the process. This innovative technology has a great positive impact on the environment and the world we all live in. 

Signals like Nike Colordry and RAW for the oceans show that big fashion brands are changing their old ways and adopting new technologies for the better. This sets new eco-friendly standards which hopefully spreads onto other industries. 

Rooftop Socialite or Moonlight Gypsy ?!

Ever wondered why and how you chose a certain perfume? Was it promoted by a famous A- list celebrity, you just liked the looks or did you actually liked the smell? I guess It's personal and there's a difference between men and women, there's that.

Nevertheless fragrancy startup Pinrose took another approach with it's “scent finder”. Answer a couple of questions and based on an algorithm a top 3 dazzling scents pop out. The scents have names like Camp Rebel, Ballroom Philosopher, Rooftop Socialite, Moonlight Gypsy and sell for around $50.


According to the founders Erika Shumate and Christine Luby it works around 75% of the time.  The fragrances work appealing because they match the wearers mood and fit their personalities given the answers from the questionnaire. Although the proces of finding the right scent becomes so simple it would definitely speak to men - Like.Buy.Done.  It's only available for women, for now.

It's a clear signal that companies are using different business models and techniques to reach customers nowadays. In the future they are planning to combine with Big Data to their advantages as well, for defining preferences based on a person’s Instagram or Pinterest profiles.

It's interesting to see how people will react with technology being used in new way and predicting what will appeal to them. And with the privacy issue intensely burning, will the collected data about you, also be used for example when you shop for groceries? Because my mood and eating tendencies are quite the happy bunch. A lot of our behavior is based on emotion. Basic marketing; Finding out what people want and give it to hem. Making a businessmodel work based on moods is therefore more personalized and that's they way we're heading.  

Wondering if a algorithm beats your girlfriend's advice on cologne, check it out and take the test here!

Sexy Data? SHOW ME!

Personal data, business data, Big Data, data e-ver-y-where! Captured, stored and according to a scientific rapport called Extracting value from chaos The world’s information is doubling every two years. In 2011 the world created a staggering 1.8 zettabytes. By 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of information and 75 times the number of "information containers". All these numbers could either mean nothing to you or drive you totally nuts.  

That's why there's Infoactive! It translates all this information in data driven stories. It Builds interactive infographics and data visualizations who are simple, responsive and of course ,already mentioned, interactive.

Data is everything but sexy, with the Infoactive overhaul it's appearance becomes visual, simple and compelling. When analyses become more visual they're easier to understand which will increase efficiency and speed up the information intake. It also lowers the bar of understanding complex matters and makes it easier to grasp. With more knowledge of the world under their belt people might develop intellect quicker and could make better overal choices. It will raise the quality of life standard as we know it simply by changing numbers in visuals.  

Pharrell - Happy! - Jeans? - Part.2

Here a quick update from a previous post! Your eco friendly fashion option will be available n stores and online August 15, 2014. It's great initiative and I wonder if others will follow in unconventional ways of making products that better for both humans and the environment.

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''Raw for the Oceans- Proces illustration''

''Raw for the Oceans- Proces illustration''

Pharrell - Happy! - Jeans? - Part.1

Pharrel Williams, known as pop artist and his tick for fashion, presents ‘RAW for the Oceans’. A collaboration between Bionic Yarn, Parley and G-Star RAW. This brings all kinds of specialties to the 'sustainable fashion' table, think for example of high performance eco threads that will represent a new yarn structure in jeans by Bionic Yarn. Guidance by the creative and engaging thinking of the movement Parley and fueled by the big fashion giant G-Star RAW with the constant drive to innovate. 

in a nutshell they will make denim out of plastic that is polluting ocean. When it was presented at the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Ocean Life Pharrell said.

"If we do what we're supposed to do then everyone can be happy."

I think a huge problem is being tackled here in a important new way. The problem at hand here is that making a pair jeans is equivalent to 9,982 liters of water, that means flushing your toilet around 950 times. Although that number is scary high people will buy new jeans anyway and will certainly not flush less then they absolutely have to. The cool thing is that Pharrell offers a better environmental and fashionable option so that people can actually chose. A freedom that's not always available with other products but hey it's a start.  

Whenever a company or campaign yells the word 'Eco' question marks appear in my head and for this specific case I wonder if they intend to collect every bit of plastic in a eco friendly way with eco friendly ships on eco friendly fuel. You get my drift how sustainable is it really form start to finish? This determines a lot in my opinion on the future outcome of this project. And if there interested in doing some real good for the oceans I know a Dutch nineteen year called Boyan Slat old who has real good innovative approach.

Good form is everything

In this era of technology everyone is spending a lot of time behind a computer, smartphone or tablet. While you are not always noticing the effects right away your body may disagree on the longterm. All these ours combined cause a lot problems like back pain. Roughly 80% of the older population has these physical concerns. A big part is developed by having a wrong posture while sitting, walking or sleeping. Designer Neda Naef from Upclothing based in Paris made a T-shirt that helps keeping your posture. 


While it not only helps keeping good form it also boosts your charisma, having your shoulders in the right position and not hanging to the front, it opens up your body which might lead to more people noticing you and eventually conversation. In a society where individualism is still a big factor this shirt can symbolize as a smal counter reaction There’s been a lot of research how posture effects communication. While this is not everybody’s goal you are sure helping out your spine. The shirt aims for a ‘Friendly effect’ for it’s wearer according to the designer, but with a price around the fortune area (€127,-) it sure is an assault to your wallet.    


Somewhere around the line everything changes and I think clothes are evolving too. You see it in sports with Nike’s Hyperstrong gear, meant for better sport performances. Clothes health and sport are becoming more attached and can really improve a persons way of living and With nanotechnology around the corner this could be a golden duo for future clothing.