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Rooftop Socialite or Moonlight Gypsy ?!

Ever wondered why and how you chose a certain perfume? Was it promoted by a famous A- list celebrity, you just liked the looks or did you actually liked the smell? I guess It's personal and there's a difference between men and women, there's that.

Nevertheless fragrancy startup Pinrose took another approach with it's “scent finder”. Answer a couple of questions and based on an algorithm a top 3 dazzling scents pop out. The scents have names like Camp Rebel, Ballroom Philosopher, Rooftop Socialite, Moonlight Gypsy and sell for around $50.


According to the founders Erika Shumate and Christine Luby it works around 75% of the time.  The fragrances work appealing because they match the wearers mood and fit their personalities given the answers from the questionnaire. Although the proces of finding the right scent becomes so simple it would definitely speak to men - Like.Buy.Done.  It's only available for women, for now.

It's a clear signal that companies are using different business models and techniques to reach customers nowadays. In the future they are planning to combine with Big Data to their advantages as well, for defining preferences based on a person’s Instagram or Pinterest profiles.

It's interesting to see how people will react with technology being used in new way and predicting what will appeal to them. And with the privacy issue intensely burning, will the collected data about you, also be used for example when you shop for groceries? Because my mood and eating tendencies are quite the happy bunch. A lot of our behavior is based on emotion. Basic marketing; Finding out what people want and give it to hem. Making a businessmodel work based on moods is therefore more personalized and that's they way we're heading.  

Wondering if a algorithm beats your girlfriend's advice on cologne, check it out and take the test here!

Let's get you healthy!

Imagine measuring everything about yourself during you daily life. Now try to imagine future of health, that of yourself and generations to come. It isn't that big a stretch to see the symbiose between the two and where it's heading in case of technological possibilities. That is if, the ''sharing is caring'' policy of privacy stays alive. That aside, one of these advantages is the Application 'RevUp!, Health Accelerated'. A digital platform started by Samir Damani from a company called MD Revolution. Their mission is to control your health through connecting all kinds of services and tools for example Nike+ and Fitbit. There's also an option to link 23andme. In this way they gather personal data and with all the knowledge of your daily exercise and food intake, experts and certified professionals are keeping track and making sure that you keep healthy by giving you the right advice when needed. They simply measure, monitor and motivate.

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-01 om 17.45.34.png

All health, food and sports related data stuffed into one digital platform. It Sounds easy and logical. Together with expertise and personal help based on your own data  I say YES!  I'm in. It makes sense to not have all kinds different apps to work individual. Let's connect them and take advantage of the internet of things. It makes data more measurable and visual of your daily life and therefore it could affect your food, work and leisure choices for the better. 

But there is a price tag, although the app is free we put a lot of personal data in the hands of commercial companies we don't actually now. Will it be sold or shared, are they bound by the Patriot act? It raises many questions. This new initiative is definitely a step towards better personal health (tracking) but it's married to the raising privacy issue of the way companies are collecting and using our data. It's a side note to keep in mind because simply put losing your privacy is not a good thing for your mental health in the long run.