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Who really needs technology?

Look around, besides the screen you're staring at I bet there are at least two more item around you that are considered as ''Modern Technology''. Ever wondered why you bought it ? The answer might be might be that you need it for work, it's very usable or you simply like it. What I know for sure, is that the reason you were able to buy it is basic economics of supply and demand. I like my toast Sunday mornings but if I was the only one, a toaster wouldn't be accessible and normal thing to buy. For a person who suffered a physical trauma and because of it lost an arm or leg, amazing progress is made in the area of prosthetics, It's called Bionics.

''The Stuff of life meets machine - Todd Kuiken''

One of the people leading the way is Hugh Herr who gave a amazing Ted talk and is head of the Biomechatronics research group at the MIT Media Lab. Inspired by nature's own designs he designs Bionic limbs that are stronger, faster and more efficient. ''Towards the end of disability'' .

These new architectural innovations in the field of Bionics creates possibilities and has enormous impact in the lives of disabled people, who get the ability back of normal movement. This is a huge step in gaining acces in and contributing is in todays society. It even opens up possibilities for non disabled people whereas sometimes Bionics are more capable of doing thing instead of our natural limbs.   

What I especially like about this new technology finally reaching smaller groups, is the happiness and joy it brings to people. Another example is David Sengeh's way of enhancing prosthetic attachment using a 3D printer. They both got in common that these technological innovations feel useful and empower Quality of life, while it fulfills the gap in physical disability and provides more ways to social wellbeing, activities and development. Instead of having a new smartphone or tablet every year this technology makes wishes and dreams of the less fortunate people come true. It has profound impact in their lives as they are able to do more and be independent. The thought I want to leave behind is that we should also promote innovation in areas where it's not always commercial viable but where happiness and usefulness can be guaranteed. 

Sexy Data? SHOW ME!

Personal data, business data, Big Data, data e-ver-y-where! Captured, stored and according to a scientific rapport called Extracting value from chaos The world’s information is doubling every two years. In 2011 the world created a staggering 1.8 zettabytes. By 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of information and 75 times the number of "information containers". All these numbers could either mean nothing to you or drive you totally nuts.  

That's why there's Infoactive! It translates all this information in data driven stories. It Builds interactive infographics and data visualizations who are simple, responsive and of course ,already mentioned, interactive.

Data is everything but sexy, with the Infoactive overhaul it's appearance becomes visual, simple and compelling. When analyses become more visual they're easier to understand which will increase efficiency and speed up the information intake. It also lowers the bar of understanding complex matters and makes it easier to grasp. With more knowledge of the world under their belt people might develop intellect quicker and could make better overal choices. It will raise the quality of life standard as we know it simply by changing numbers in visuals.  

Trendsfactory 2014 for Marketeers

Together with fellow students I attended the Trendsfactory 2014! It was a blast! Interesting long term trends such as Big Data and Authenticity were weaved through multiple presentations of various speakers such as Sander Hoeken en Alexander Klopping. The focus therefore was primarily on technology and it's user, which will gain importance in the future world of marketing.

Luckily for you if you didn't make it, there was written a fine summary accompanied with some relevant Trend information. It's written in Dutch, but if you're interested or just curious just le me now! 

You can grab the Trendrapport here !

''Start of the Trendfactory 2014 at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht''

''Start of the Trendfactory 2014 at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht''

Coolhunt Update January ’14

WUUPS! I kind of overslept the whole start of this year, jan and feb..Ahum* Besides that I'm working on something nice once a month. A group of motivated cool hunters come together and lay down the LAW! What that actually means we discuss all or findings, anomalies and turn it into one big juicy monthly update.

Here, yes right there, you can read january's Gem!

I picked two short interesting topics of the full article that resonate the most with my personal interests. They're about personalized learning and health. Don't hold back here yah go! 

Every 5 weeks a few students from Fontys International Lifestyle Studies come together with their Coolhunt-lecturers to brainstorm on all signs of the time. What are the signals worth analyzing and what do we learn about the developing mentalities worldwide?

Constructed by Camiel WillemsDesiree LaureijssenFleur StielsLidy Ubaghs andNathalie de Korver. Supervised and written by Ingeborg Bruinewoud.

Personalized Learning: Future Technology Prediction from IBM

Besides that learning will become more visual, whereas info graphics talk to us faster and clearer than a teacher ever could. Or books telling the stories a teacher rather wouldn’t.

Personalized Health

Technology will help us to get more personalized healthcare too in the future. We can wear our own defibrillator, or even live without a heart. Wearables will help to quantify ourselves more and more, wearing Wristify to heat or cool our body and check our SickWeather app for the sickness forecast and where to stay away. In stead of symptom treatment, we will more and more move towards addressing the cause. Where ‘upstream healthcare‘ starts with taking a critical look at the buildings we stay in.

Last but not least, one of our special lecturers Carl Rohde once said that ‘sleep is the new sex’, living in stress society with a growing need for relaxing moments. The topic sleep got a lot of attention in press lately: more people start experimenting with alternative sleeping cycles like polyphasic sleep  or monitor, map and improve the way we sleep and wake up. Maybe Russell Foster’s TEDx talk on sleeping got mainstream viral by now.

Meta-insight: we might check our rich sources everyday and try to map movements in the present towards the future. We do have to stay self-aware and critical. Are those TEDx talks and predictions we hear and read about trustworthy? Can we copy and use those insights? 

Next monthly updates will be posted right away!, Really! Promised! Don't you judge me!  

Pharrell - Happy! - Jeans? - Part.2

Here a quick update from a previous post! Your eco friendly fashion option will be available n stores and online August 15, 2014. It's great initiative and I wonder if others will follow in unconventional ways of making products that better for both humans and the environment.

If you like what you read and want more sweets catch up here! 

''Raw for the Oceans- Proces illustration''

''Raw for the Oceans- Proces illustration''

Let's get you healthy!

Imagine measuring everything about yourself during you daily life. Now try to imagine future of health, that of yourself and generations to come. It isn't that big a stretch to see the symbiose between the two and where it's heading in case of technological possibilities. That is if, the ''sharing is caring'' policy of privacy stays alive. That aside, one of these advantages is the Application 'RevUp!, Health Accelerated'. A digital platform started by Samir Damani from a company called MD Revolution. Their mission is to control your health through connecting all kinds of services and tools for example Nike+ and Fitbit. There's also an option to link 23andme. In this way they gather personal data and with all the knowledge of your daily exercise and food intake, experts and certified professionals are keeping track and making sure that you keep healthy by giving you the right advice when needed. They simply measure, monitor and motivate.

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-01 om 17.45.34.png

All health, food and sports related data stuffed into one digital platform. It Sounds easy and logical. Together with expertise and personal help based on your own data  I say YES!  I'm in. It makes sense to not have all kinds different apps to work individual. Let's connect them and take advantage of the internet of things. It makes data more measurable and visual of your daily life and therefore it could affect your food, work and leisure choices for the better. 

But there is a price tag, although the app is free we put a lot of personal data in the hands of commercial companies we don't actually now. Will it be sold or shared, are they bound by the Patriot act? It raises many questions. This new initiative is definitely a step towards better personal health (tracking) but it's married to the raising privacy issue of the way companies are collecting and using our data. It's a side note to keep in mind because simply put losing your privacy is not a good thing for your mental health in the long run.

Slavery gets shit done

Well I've got a lot going on recently and in reaction to that I respond quite the opposite of normal human beings. Yes, I get kind of lazy! See, I work real hard when I have goal that I'm passionate about. Craving to get that one big oppertunity or breakthrough, and when I finally tend to get there my mind hollers with a deep afro american cinema voice - DONE!

I then litterally turn my back and the priority of napping grabs first place again. It's not the weirdest phenomenon, but still. So if you're in this pickle too, high five the shit out of someone's ear next to you! because I have found a solution! *warning if you think this last joke is not funny in ANY possible way you are better off just stopping right here, or here,

I do not have a shiny docter's degree but I will give you the same advice. Wheter you're turning blind because tasks are pilling up at your desk or your rasta attitude is getting the the best of you, Get (a) Carrot

It's a application that preforms the role of this Absurd football coach screaming casual questions guided with some serious spit. Refreshing as it is, you need it on your phone to do some actual work with style. 

Pharrell - Happy! - Jeans? - Part.1

Pharrel Williams, known as pop artist and his tick for fashion, presents ‘RAW for the Oceans’. A collaboration between Bionic Yarn, Parley and G-Star RAW. This brings all kinds of specialties to the 'sustainable fashion' table, think for example of high performance eco threads that will represent a new yarn structure in jeans by Bionic Yarn. Guidance by the creative and engaging thinking of the movement Parley and fueled by the big fashion giant G-Star RAW with the constant drive to innovate. 

in a nutshell they will make denim out of plastic that is polluting ocean. When it was presented at the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Ocean Life Pharrell said.

"If we do what we're supposed to do then everyone can be happy."

I think a huge problem is being tackled here in a important new way. The problem at hand here is that making a pair jeans is equivalent to 9,982 liters of water, that means flushing your toilet around 950 times. Although that number is scary high people will buy new jeans anyway and will certainly not flush less then they absolutely have to. The cool thing is that Pharrell offers a better environmental and fashionable option so that people can actually chose. A freedom that's not always available with other products but hey it's a start.  

Whenever a company or campaign yells the word 'Eco' question marks appear in my head and for this specific case I wonder if they intend to collect every bit of plastic in a eco friendly way with eco friendly ships on eco friendly fuel. You get my drift how sustainable is it really form start to finish? This determines a lot in my opinion on the future outcome of this project. And if there interested in doing some real good for the oceans I know a Dutch nineteen year called Boyan Slat old who has real good innovative approach.

New York's Crowd Solution

The ‘Lowline’, Dan Barasch & James Ramsey wanted to create a new green space in their crowded hometown. They discovered an abandoned trolley terminal in the lower East Side of Manhattan and are planning to turn it into the world’s first underground park with natural light. It will be a new kind of public space, using solar technology an cutting edge design to capture the beauty of a very special and old industrial space.


This Solar Technology could be widely adaptable and made universal for a lot of cities that have the same crowd and therefore space problem. It could also work in different circumstances for instance a solar panel on side of the roof where’s no light. I think there’s a long road ahead of us when you look at solar power and they way it’s been collected, stored and used. I can’t help but wonder when the day will come that all the sun in dessert will be sustainably captured and power our lives in the future.

The actual park will host a lot people and activities and is the redesign of a urban space becoming a public one. As cities in the Netherlands attract more people every year and even homes become more crowded there will be a point that we eventually run out of space. Therefore new approaches on the way we live and build are interesting for the future. We know a limit is near and practical interior design is making its way into homes so that space can be used more efficient, for example ‘life edit’.

The same can be said for the places we spend our leisure activities. It brings a new dimension of where and how we spend our free time. That in relation to the quality of life it raises the overall bar according to activity, development and social wellbeing. With the ‘Lowline’ you see that there are also architects and designers with innovative ideas who are building the exterior world around us and try to build places and buildings that will suffice the needs of people in the future.  

Good form is everything

In this era of technology everyone is spending a lot of time behind a computer, smartphone or tablet. While you are not always noticing the effects right away your body may disagree on the longterm. All these ours combined cause a lot problems like back pain. Roughly 80% of the older population has these physical concerns. A big part is developed by having a wrong posture while sitting, walking or sleeping. Designer Neda Naef from Upclothing based in Paris made a T-shirt that helps keeping your posture. 


While it not only helps keeping good form it also boosts your charisma, having your shoulders in the right position and not hanging to the front, it opens up your body which might lead to more people noticing you and eventually conversation. In a society where individualism is still a big factor this shirt can symbolize as a smal counter reaction There’s been a lot of research how posture effects communication. While this is not everybody’s goal you are sure helping out your spine. The shirt aims for a ‘Friendly effect’ for it’s wearer according to the designer, but with a price around the fortune area (€127,-) it sure is an assault to your wallet.    


Somewhere around the line everything changes and I think clothes are evolving too. You see it in sports with Nike’s Hyperstrong gear, meant for better sport performances. Clothes health and sport are becoming more attached and can really improve a persons way of living and With nanotechnology around the corner this could be a golden duo for future clothing.

Think 'Beyond Eggs'

+ What is it? 

‘Beyond eggs’ by hampton creek foods brings an alternative for eggs. Well it’s actually a plant that can be produced into a sort of flower. The consumer and food industry can use ‘Beyond eggs’ instead of chicken eggs.    

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-03 om 11.46.44.png

The advantages vary from from less cholesterol and water usage to humane breeding conditions. There is also a wide application range like baked goods, pasta, salad dressings and even your scrambled eggs.Vegetarian proof and protein rich , two important factors that have influence of today's 'aware' shopper.

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-03 om 11.47.26.png

+ Why it’s Cool!

If the product fur fills all it's claims, this product would step to the table and be number one in no time. Aside of the product itself it's important to see that innovative and creative thinking is what led them to this unique new product. When back in the days Mr.Ford asked people how he could make their horse carriage faster, almost everybody suggested more horses. A car was the solution.   

Luckily a lot companies are looking for sustainable and new ways to cover our needs. A lot of products are being re-invented out of necessity for example meat proteins because of growing world population and change in demands. In Asia we see a rise in consumption of meat and also the U.S is wondering if they can keep supplying meat and dairy products. The U.S consumers intake will rise to a respectively 102% and 82% by 2050. Plants play a big role in the solution. This is seen in sports, where plant protein supplement market is on the rise. it was first introduced because of allergy and intolerance, now they are also becoming popular among vegetarians.  

+ Future growth potential

A minor is the american style of marketing they use, it's one of the main reasons I still question the value and claims of the product. For example on the picture you see the word 'healthier' and 'safer', when did cupcakes become healthy? you might ask.

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-03 om 11.42.12.png

If you have a good product, tell the truth and do not make it better that it is because can do damage to the product and erase something that was good in it's core.

Again, if all is so positive as it claims to be, it would beat an regular egg by a mile, But I think concepts like this only really succeed when society’s mindset is ready for it (this can be out of scarcity) because it has to be open for change. The product could open new doors and possibilities and I wonder what third world countries would think of this innovative product. While searching for an alternative the kept the price in mind and while I do not know what this means for the eventual quality of the product it includes important values of the consumer who wants the same or better for less money. Being cheaper than regular eggs but still keeping all the advantages it's a no-brainer for your wallet but what about the mind? are you ready to replace eggs?

Sources :!-Why-muscle-is-a-hot-new-issue-and-the-rise-of-the-aware-shopper

Airmob - Sharing internet data plans

+ What is it?

Ever run out of 3g data on your beloved smartphone? Just at the moment you wanted to listen to your favourite song, see that funny video or wanted to mail that client. We are so used to internet access that if we get cut off, we tend to get mad and feel pretty frustrated.

The solution is here, hold on to your seat; a community-based P2P cross-operator WiFi tethering on-demand market, this all comes toghether in an application for your phone called ‘Airmobs’. It provides internet in your time of need. It operates within a community that works with a credit system.

It’s still in development by the MIT media research group ‘Viral Spaces’. Here’s a link to the video  

Why it’s Cool!

So imagine being at home just laying your phone on the table and ‘Airmobs‘ is running in the background sharing your internet while gaining credits. You are blessed with an apartment right in the middle of the city and you decide to go to bed early. In the middle of the night there’s this drunk student who had a good time with his friends and is in need for some extra internet, for example; finding his way home, looking for a place that still sells food or wanting to listen to some music while wandering home. 


Usually at this point you decide to pay extra on your monthly fee but with ‘Airmobs‘ this isn’t necesarry because you can provide people the wifi they need and get it back in return. It could work when you’re on vacation or on holiday and as long as you provide others, you always have ‘Back-up internet‘.

They’re also planning to make it work with left over minutes and text messages. I think it’s cool because the credit system alone looks very promising and this ‘sharing spirit’ fits right in with today’s society. It could de-commercialize the whole network industry  who are then forced to provide differently.   

+ Future growth potential

Whether it could be the next big peer to peer hit like ‘Napster‘ or ‘Piratebay’ I’m not certain. But it will cause a lot of change in the telecom world if this catches on by society and all of it’s smartphone users. Basic physical needs of people will always stay the same but ‘wants‘ on the other hand are drastically changing. Soon there will be a generation who's not used to being un-connected to the internet. How will they react? Or are there methods like ‘Arimobs’ who will make sure they stay provided in their thirst for the internet and being connected.  

Sources :

Music inspiration from your subconsciousness

What is it?

In the video you see ‘Mico’.(1) A headphone that picks up brainwaves and defines your mood, and then picks suitable music. Music is selected out of ‘Mico’s’ database and the status of your mood will be visible at both sides of the headphone. They call this new experience ‘Music serendipty’; music that is based on your subconscious needs. 

Why it’s Cool!

So the time has come that we surpass the french who point their phones to the sky and hope to find a nice playlist.(2) Technology instead is finding it’s way to pick the right music for us so that we feel better and enjoy our lives more. This device makes music efficient and easier to use in our daily lives.

The only con is that the music comes from their own database and since music is very personal, the brain waves have to be picked up very precisely, to give you this ‘aaah!‘ feeling of hearing just the right song. But then again it could be great for discovering new music and could be a hybrid between those to work just perfectly.

Future growth potential

Music is emotion and that's an important part of human beings. We keep evolving and so does music, but not just the music itself also the way we consume it. Internet changed a lot in the music business and if you’re blessed with a wifi connection you can pretty much listen to whatever you want. Getting music is not the key anymore, it’s about the right music at the right time and this is determined by our mood. It’s scientifically proven that music has an impact on focus, physical power, pain and depression.(3) There are for example websites that supply study music and claim that music will increase your learning ability.(4) A similar concept for people who suffer from a depression.(5) The basic function of music is changing and boosted to a whole new level where health benefits are included.

Sources :






'Weapons for life'

What is it?

The beginning of this year started creative for people of Uruguay. Their government decided to solve problems with an out of the box mentality.  In order to reduce the number of unregistered firearms, they created 'Weapons for life'.  Citizens can trade their weapons for a shiny* new bike or low end computer.   


Why it’s Cool!

There two ways of interpretation. Let's start out positively; If you look at it from a normal citizen point of view it's a win-win situation. Reducing gun crime while improving their lives with stuff they could actually use to get by and become more informed or educated. But realistically seen, guns are power and power means money, money is necessary for food etc. If you look at the famous piramid of Maslow you see people need basic physical and safety needs first before they are going to look for bike mates or work on their self-actualisation.      


Future growth potential 

There are always two sides to a story although I doubt that Maslow's psychology has changed in the past decade. For a government it is a new edgy way of dealing with their problems and therefore I do wonder about the outcome of this project. Because 'Change is the only constant' and might this project succeed it would be astonishingly interesting to take a closer look at it. It would change ways of solving problems among people and bring life to a new form of dealing with old issue's, the creative way.

Source :

The Pirate Bay - Away From Keyboard

Out since february 8, and still a very much debated topic. If you watch the trailer it's full of interesting statements and allegations. You could philosophically think about it (or not), but in the end it's about the future of society, it's about you.

The movie follows 3 men that are involved with The Pirate Bay and shows the process of prosecution in Sweden. The underlying subject is our society's needs, that are changing. These men are pioneers and I don't judge them right or wrong. The bigger picture for me is about innovation and change, a different way of dealing with the internet, marketing and products.   

The best part in my eyes was mumbled in a couple of seconds in the middle of the documentary. In a debate a girl had said

This is not about young people who want to commit crimes. They just have different consumption patterns.- It’s horrible to hunt them, the market must adjust instead.
— a wise mumbeling girl

All in all a documentary about an interesting topic, the internet, which we all use. Should you be new to all this then the trailer will get you up to speed!

Here yah go!

You can watch the documentary on -here -

As long as it's cold..

It's weekend once again and there are beer drinking days ahead of us! So as a Graphic designer you're quite 'Color aware' . Yes, friends make fun of me. Nevertheless I got THIS to change your mind. Jeh! Check : color, origin and lots of other beerinformation with palls and start R E A L conversations, AHW-YEAH!   

Get Sophisticated!


Analogue Life.

Lomography, an analogue photography style. Which basically means you shoot rolls of film with classic & old camera's. Nostalgic and especially fun people love it.

Why analogue you might ask? Well it feels just so much more real to me. The 'without rules style' of photography makes it that more interesting. You get soaked in creativity and amazing colour shifts. You don't have to think, just shoot!

It's a long way of telling you, I am a Official Lomo Blogger as if right now! (not actually right now kind.. depends when you're reading it.. never mind!) 

To some there lies perfection in imperfection and to those I would say check it out! There might be a new addiction in town.


Here's a link to my Lomo Blog where you can read about experiences and all kind of nifty tricks, Click it Hard! 

P.S here's a link for digital photographers. You like it don't yah!

I am.

An era of something new. While blogger of the century 'Nalden' went out with a big boom last year and announced his last post, it inspired me to write my first. Is it the right thing to do? Don't know, don't care. What I do know is, that it will help me to get that inch further on the road I want to be on. And for those postponing perfectionists who want to set their first step I recommend the speech by Al Pacino - Any given Sunday. Sportsman Motivation you got to love it.

This blog will bring you food for thoughts, visual deliciousness and just plain fun! it's light on the mind like a breeze. Because I am afterall just Spacingthrough. swoof!